Sports is here all-year-round!
Catch all the live games
at Rock ‘N Fun!
To rent a private booth so you can enjoy watching and hearing your favorite team play,
call (808) 670-2626
for more information.


Important Information

  1. The party area is reserved for two (2) hours from the time of the booked reservation. In your best interest, and the interest of other parties, it is important that you arrive and vacate the party area as scheduled, unless prior permission has been given for a longer party.
  2. There is no refrigeration or freezer space provided. 
  3.  We will only provide plates for “Commercial Bakery Cakes.”
  4. You will need to provide your own plates and utensils for home baked goods.
  5. All Food Selections must be made from the Party Menu shown above.
  6. No outside food allowed other than birthday cake or cup cakes.
  7. Please try to keep all food in the party area.     
  8. You are welcome to bring in your own party decorations. No confetti, no silly string and all balloons need to be attached to balloon weights.
  9. Cameras and video equipments are permitted.